Having modern machinery park, we are able to provide the highest quality of services related to: medium-size and large-size objects processing on CBFK machining centres and FHZ milling machines; precise grinding processing on bed grinder of WALDRICH – COBURG; lathe works and milling-finishing works on numerically-controlled machines. As a result of more than fifty years of experience in overhauls and modernization of metal-working machines, we are able to carry out professional routine maintenance repair works and major overhauls of the following machines:

  • centre lathes, turret lathes, turning and boring lathes
  • pillar drills, radial drilling machines, drilling boring and milling machines
  • universal milling machines and hobbing machines
  • saws and cutting-off machines
  • slotting machines
  • surface grinders, internal grinders, cylindrical grinders
  • hydraulic presses and percussion presses and other working-machines and their components (Polish or foreign production). Upon the client’s request we’re adapting machines to his requirements by using new controllers, measuring systems, modifications of mechanics and electrics and CNC controlling in conventional machines.

We guarantee the highest quality of services and very competitive prices!

Metal cutting on a CNC plasma-oxygen cutting machine

Metal cutting service using a CNC plasma-oxygen cutting machine – Eckert Sapphire 2000×6000 mm – equipped with:

– 3D plasma cutting head – enables precise bevelling and chamfering of metal sheets in one process Angle of rotation +/- 540° and head angle deflection  +/- 47°.

oxygen torch – for cutting low-carbon and low-alloy structural steels. It is capable of processing wide range of material thickness.

Technical data Eckert Sapphire plasma-oxygen cutting machine
Maximum cutting width

Maximum cutting thickness


Maximum cutting thickness


Cutting qualityPositioning accuracy
2000 x 6000 mm200 mm

40 mm
with piercing;
80 mm
from the edge

PN-EN ISO 9013PN-EN 28206