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Standard equipment:

  • Reducer – inverter from NORD 4 kW (range: 15 – 90 m/min)
  • Cutting arm guided by roller guide from STAR
  • Hydraulic controlling of raising and lowering of cutting arm and clamping of a vice, hydraulic clamp of feed vice
  • Hydraulically controlled band saw blade tension with automatic compensation of elongation
  • Roller feed table on the machine body (length: 1.5 running metres)
  • Hydraulically controlled feed vice (single feed up to 500 mm)
  • PLC controller with liquid crystal display (measurement of the blade speed, controlling of cut length, number of cuts, measurement of the cycle time, measurement of the band saw blade work time, measurement of the band saw machine work time)
  • System of material multiple feed
  • Cooling system
  • Flat table on the receiving side
  • Flat feed table (length: 0.3 running metres)

Additional equipment:

  • Device for cutting in packs (range: 320X230)
  • Arm turntable – cutting at an angle of 0 – 45O
  • Ball screws of automatic feeder drive (single feed up to 1000 mm)
  • Moving vice jaw in the vice
  • Roller feeder (length: 1,5 running metres)
  • Roller receiver (length: 1,5 running metres)
  • Adjustment of vice clamping force
  • Chip conveyor
Max. cut
Cutting at an angle of 90o
circular cross-sectionmm450
rectangular cross-sectionmm500x450
Cutting at an angle of 45o
circular cross-sectionmm400
rectangular cross-sectionmm400x450
Height of working surfacemm860
Dimensions of the band saw blademm41x1.3x6250
Cutting Speed
Reducer-inverter setm/min15 - 90
Power of band saw blade drive motorkW4
Length of single feedmm0 - 500
Max. length of feedingmm500 - 9999
Single feed accuracymm0.2
Weight of band saw machinekg2100